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HP ink cartridges are available from both local and online shops. Compatible with Hewlett-Packard printers, our high-quality units outperform the competitors. In general, they can print twice as many pages as other refilled HP ink cartridges and function optimally right out of the box.Studies have shown that cheap low quality refilled units have failure rates of about 72 % before their ink supplies are used up. These cartridges are less expensive, but they have been used previously and their quality is not assured. The microscopic print nozzles on these units can easily become clogged with old residue, which results in malfunctions such units produce poor print quality, and they are more likely to leak.

In 1997, Hewlett-Packard launched its Planet Partners recycling program. Since then, it has received and recycled about 125 million original HP inkjet and LaserJet supplies. That equates to 12.2 million pounds of waste being diverted from landfills. In addition, the company's program accepts computer hardware from any manufacturer, as well as rechargeable batteries. Valuable metals, plastic and many HP ink cartridges are recovered for use in new products. This program uses a closed-loop process of recycling. The recycled plastic from the original HP ink cartridges are used to produce new HP ink cartridges.

The Planet Partners program is operated in more than 50 territories and countries around the globe. The process for returning original HP ink cartridges and inkjet supplies to the company for recycling is free and easy. Printable, pre-addressed, postage-paid labels are available online. These shipping labels are also available from all toner packages. Aside from HP ink cartridges and LaserJet supplies, this global recycling program provides consumers with opportunities to dispose of their computer equipment safely. This facilitates environmental responsibility, and improves the security of discarded data.

The following components are accepted into the hardware recycling program, regardless of brand. They include HP ink cartridges and laser toners, all-in-one units (printer, scanner, fax combos), mini-towers, desktops, laptops, tablets, rack-mounted equipment, scanners, notebooks, and monitors (terminals, flat-panels, intact CRTs). In addition, digital projectors, mainframe and desktop PC servers, hand-held units (MP3 players, PDAs, cameras, calculators), net-servers, copiers, USB devices, wide-format plotters, and network devices (routers, hubs) are accepted. HP ink cartridges have many advantages over their competitors. They are more reliable, durable, higher quality, and better value. In addition, the Planet Partners and My Print Rewards programs provide additional benefits to customers who purchase these products. Hewlett-Packard's entire product line is distributed through local office supply stores, as well as online.



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